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Internal and External Recruitment Team


India is a growing hub for multinational companies in Asia, and now the myriad of global brands are starting their business operations in this country. Recently, the Indian government also announced the support for medium level and start-up companies. In a recent report in Economic Times, various sectors will see robust hiring in India. The sectors like telecom, banking, finance, and insurance will increase the rate of employability. These recent changes have amplified the demand for the human resource in all the level of the hierarchy. The high requirements of the competent and skilled workforce enhanced the role of recruitment agencies.

The immediate demands of human resource from start-ups to multinational companies in India are estimated to grow manifold. The HR department of these companies will not be able to fulfil the staffing requirement. The placement consultants will fulfil this gap between supply and demand. These agencies have a great team of experts, which can fulfil the precise staffing requirements of the companies. As a key player in the recruitment process, the placement consultants have contributed significantly so far, but in coming future, they will cover the entire spectrum of the staffing process. In the current scenario, the companies have their in-house recruitment cells for fresh recruitment and other placements, but for senior staffing, they rely on the executive search firms.
The future of recruitment activity in India highly depends on placement consultants. The focused approach of these placement consultancies towards skilled staffing enhanced the retainability of employees and thus won the faith of companies.

Expectations of Employer from Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agencies make the work of companies easier by filling up the vacant job positions with a desired and skilled employee. Top recruitment agencies have their databases from which they filter the resumes of the finest employees, according to the designation and expertise requirement. But these are the minimalistic necessities that an agency can fulfill. Today, employers expect to receive information related to each and every step of the recruitment process.
Recruitment agencies in India should run in-depth background checks on the employment history of a potential candidate and communicate it to the employer. It helps the employer in gauging the talent and work pattern of the employee. If the candidate has proficiency other than those required for the job requirement, agencies must pass on that data to the employer. Companies can put that additional talent to some use in the development of the business. Other than searching a competent candidate, recruitment agencies must provide a candidate with higher retainability. A highly retainable candidate acts as an asset for a company and works for the growth of business

in the long run.
If you ask entrepreneurs of repute industrialist- what they think about doing business in India, chances are that they would tell you it is a great opportunity to always spread their tentacles. As a part fact the government of India encourage through a lot of plan like MakeInIndia, StartupIndia, doing business in another clime exposes you to learn a great deal that might be useful to you in the nearest future.Recruitment Agencies should update the employers about every minute detail like candidates professional attitude, work approach, salary expectation, etc. Every selected candidate’s aptitude level is entirely different. Therefore, employers should be well-informed about the capability of recruited candidate so that they could provide the right kind of training to make him/her job ready. The communication between recruitment agencies and employers should be crystal clear to maintain a quality recruiting process.

Benefits of Placement Consultant

Benefits of Placement Consultant

corporate consultants

Hiring human resource is an essential aspect of corporate functioning. Placement consultants have a crucial role in providing the human resource for the organizations. These consultants have a strong network with companies and job seekers, which help them to hire the employees for various job vacancies. Opting for placement consultancy services has benefits such as:

Access to the Finest Candidate

Placement consultants keep a database of employee with specific skills and thus have extended access to the suitable candidates. So, according to the company’s requirement consultants provide them with the best talent available.

Save Time and Fits in the Budget   

Placement consultants spend a good amount of time going through the resumes, interviewing the candidates and providing the best talent that saves the companies’ time of processing the right candidate for the job. To hire the employee, interview them and run a background check on their previous organizations can cost the companies a fortune. But placement consultants can do all these tasks at a very minimal cost with high efficiency.

Provides Employees with High Retainability

The human resources provided by the placement consultant have a high retainability as compared to the other means. The placement consultants thoroughly check the preferences of the employee and select them for the suitable company. It ensures the high retainability of the employee and thus improves the work culture of the company.

Adriyana Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a placement company in Delhi that has an excellent track record of providing an efficient human resource. So, step forward to develop a long lasting relationship with Adriyana for an accelerating growth through the compatible human resource. 

Career Advice for Freshers

 Are you ready to start your career as fresher?

Fresh seems an appealing word only if is not used while applying for a job. Considering the increasing number of fresh graduates each year, getting a job as a fresher is the most arduous task. So before applying for a job, a seeker should follow these career guidelines to increase the probability of getting hired.
Career Training

Before to attend interview for job as fresher in your desired stream, you should make sure to know enough about the company and for those companies you are willing to work in. To do this, go through the history and the present position of the company by online or visiting personally as well. It is suggested to know company reviews, it will help you to understand them and make you more confident about company profile.

It All Starts With Your Resume
The employer can’t judge your efficiency in one meeting; it’s your resume that provides a window. So the first step of career building for a fresher is to prepare a mistake proof resume. Don’t add anything that you can’t explain, especially hobbies. Try to become honest with the description while applying for a fresher job. Customize your resume as per the company’s philosophy and the required skills; it will enhance your chances of selection.

Improve Your Telephonic Conversations
There are some recruitment drives where the screening process starts with a telephonic interview. So be very gentle and polite during the conversation. Remember, only your voice and communication skills are representing you over a conversation on the telephone.

Be Punctual and Maintain Professionalism
The most valuable career advice is to maintain professionalism and be punctual. You will have ample opportunity of learning if you are a team player and shows respect to your senior colleagues.

Establish a Good Network

You will understand the advantages of better network later in your career as it helps in getting new opportunities or any work-related help. Keep in touch with your existing colleagues and the people who have left the company.

Outsourcing Payroll Service to Hr Management Company

A recruitment agency or firm specializes in hiring personnel for clients or third party company in placement consultant personnel or agency to be licensed as a recruitment agencies.
Placement Consultant Service
various work domain company like manufactureing, real estate, Engineering, Information technology, automobile and many more. This recruitment term may apply to placement consultant or agency who helps to place in dream job with charging fee or without charging any fee to candidate as well. In Delhi, India, some states require
Some third-party recruitment team works for their own company and for their clients, in the way of executing job assignment between client companies and the job seeker they recruit for. In a recruitment assignment, the recruiter gets information and job profile from client and placement agency have to look appropriate candidate to be hire.
Payroll Management by Third Party Consultant Company

Outsourcing payroll service is an effective measure that helps the company to focus on business expansion, but it is crucial to choose a trustworthy, experienced and responsible firm for this delicate function. Adriana Solutions has established a reputation as a provider of recruitment and allied HR services. The agency has a team of expert professionals that delivers the perfection, keeping deadline in mind. Adriana Solutions rejoices a long list of satisfied clients that proves its efficiency and expertise. So, allow Adriyana services to take all your disbursal related worries and put your endeavors for the expansion of your business.

How a Consultant Team or Person helps in Corporate Business?

A consultant, consist a profesional team or person who has a lot of expertisness in a particular area

Consultant Service

such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, brand marketing, finance & accountancy, science & engineering and man power resource & recruitment.
This type of consultant generally engages with multiple and changing clients, which are typically companies, non-profit organizations, or governments.
By hiring a consultant, clients have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be financially feasible for them to retain in-house on a long-term basis. As well, clients can control their expenditures on consulting services by only purchasing as much services from the outside consultant as desired.

Usually, a consultant team or consultant professional works to complete the work related to their cosignment for the company, it might be possible the consultant team will be inhouse or outsource team. An outsource consultant is third party firm assign to work on particular mission. A consultant can be categorised in to two type.
Internal consultant: The team or particular person works to operate within the same organization in the areas of his/her expertisness.
External consultant: The person or team Who is involved externally to the client's office or third party company (either placed by a consulting firm or some other recruitment consultant company). Generally, the person or team works in their respective proficiency as a contractual and temporary staffing.

Corporate Training Team

A consultant provides their advice to the clients in a various forms like in transportaion, human resource, constructions etc for private or public sector unit as well. Reports and presentations are often used to count their performance for the team or person. However, in some cases specialized fields, the consultant may develop their own customized software to minimize the consulting cost. Depending on the nature of the consulting services and the wishes of the client, the advice from the consultant may be made public, by placing the report or presentation online, or the advice may be kept confidential, and only given to the senior executives of the organization paying for the consulting services.

Choosing a right recruitment consultant - What can do for?

Placement Consultant Standard Rule
Job duties of third party Hr team (normaly known as placement consultant) may vary depending on the industry and as per their specific situation in which terms and condition get hired for. An search executive is working to hire on the basis of employer requirment such as temporary staff or permanent staff as well, then a recruitment agency works on planning or making strategies to recruit by advertising a job description on various media like job portal, own contact, and in personal contacts. Fixing or improving a particular talent acquisition component for client's business for which employer wants to hire.
Team of Executive Search Firm
Choosing a right recruitment consultant team or company according to a empolyer’s needs, is actually not a easy task, sometimes it can be difficult to judge which one is right as per your recruitment need. A Recruitment Consultancy works to get right talent acquisition for an organization by doing analysis of the particular company's opening position. First of all, a recruitment company must involved in making a solid business plan in respect to current opening to make long term stong business relation to the empoyer's to handle their recruitment needs.
A recruitment agency also works for corporate training, payroll management, executive search and hr outsourcing as a third party hr and recruitment agency. Primarily an recruitment consultants are responsible for advertising current opening (behalf of empolyer) and attracting suitable job seeker and matching their profile to temporary or permanent positions with need one empolyer. They work as Hr team to fulfill the recruitment need and building strong relationships in order to gain a long term corporate relation.